Garmin Dash Cam 55 evaluation

In a world where portable navigating systems have actually been changed by phones, Garmin introduced by including a cam and chauffeur awareness features to its newest Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT. Now it’s paking those same excellent functions into the new Garmin Dash Web cam 45 and 55 devices.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

We spent a long time with the Dash Cam 55 design to see if Garmin can stand out as well as compete in the crowded dashboard camera market.

Dash Cam 55 Easy layout

Both the brand-new Garmin Dash Webcam 45 and also 55 attribute the exact same compact and also streamlined style. Our 55 version is set apart by a bronze ring around the lens as opposed to the silver on the 45. The Dash Cam 55 also ups the resolution of the camera from 1080p to 1440p and adds voice control capacities. For those upgrades, you are taking a look at a $200 price on the Dash Cam 55, up from the $150 price of the Dashboard Web cam 45.

In the package for our Dash Cam 55, you’ll discover the electronic camera system, a 13.5′ power cable, a USB cable, 8GB MicroSD card, and also two magnetic mounts. The body of the Dash Cam 55 is quality black plastic with a 2-inch LCD screen. The cam is really portable and gauges just 2.2 × 1.6 × 0.8 inches (WHD). The bronze, textured plastic lens and 4 consistent buttons on the appropriate side give this dash video camera a really streamlined as well as modern-day feeling.

To connect the magnetic mount that is connected to the top of the video camera, you have actually got to stick one of both 3M sticky magnets to your windscreen or control panel. This permits quick accessory and removal of the video camera to your vehicle, however also makes it instead irreversible. The 3M adhesive can be gotten rid of, yet if you keep trying to affix and also get rid of the magnet a couple of times, it becomes useless. We switched vehicles in the process of screening and needed to use the 2nd adhesive magnetic as the very first was destroyed after just one removal from the car.

Roll camera in Dash Cam 55

Setting off with the Garmin 55 is simple, and the display screen will instantly go dark after 30 seconds to avoid motorist interruption. Video resolution defaults fully 1440p at 30FPS however can be decreased to enable more driving video storage if you are fine with sacrificing the high quality. The video camera begins tape-recording in the typical driving setting as soon as it is plugged in and will end only when it sheds power, typically when you turned off your automobile.

While competitors like the VAVA Dashboard make use of a trigger switch that you can mount inside your lorry to conserve video, the Garmin 55 relies upon voice control. You simply need to claim “Ok, Garmin” to wake up the display screen and also reveal the 4 vocal alternatives: save video clip, take an image, document sound, or begin Travelapse (more on that particular last one later). Each voice control attribute worked effectively as well as made important functions easily accessible while still continuing to be hands-free.

Top quality of the video clip taped in daytime is definitely superb and captures every detail. With recordings in 1440p, you’re able to construct license plates and roadway indicators with a quality rarely seen in also higher valued cams like the Thinkware F750. Nonetheless, as soon as things get dark the lens attempts to boost any source of light it locates and the video footage can end up being burnt out. Street lights and the headlamps of passing autos are overemphasized more than we’ve seen on various other cameras. Details can still be constructed in the evening, yet just in position with lower straight light.

Dash Cam 55 Roll Packed with features

In a jampacked market of dash video cameras, it is necessary to have standout features and the Garmin 55 delivers in that respect. Similar to a number of other cams on the market, like the Magellan MiVue 420, the Garmin Dash Cam 55 offers security includes with ahead accident as well as lane separation cautions.

Unlike the MiVue 420, the Garmin system is fairly accurate as well as stays clear of a lot of the “incorrect alert” scenarios we experienced. The Garmin 55 will certainly still provide cautioning when changing lanes deliberately, however it does a better task distinguishing a desired merge from an unintentional one. Unlike other competitors, the Garmin 55 also informs the motorist when it notifications the traffic moving ahead without you. This came in convenient on numerous events when glancing at the navigation or spacing out, as well as aided avoid honks from following vehicles.

An additional one-of-a-kind function that helps set the Dash Cam 55 apart is the Travelapse setup. This useful attribute is allowed with the vocal controls as well as assists condense a long drive right into a shorter time-lapse video. While driving we would just say “Hey, Garmin. Begin Travelapse” to have a trendy shareable video created of the current trip. This function is genuinely unique to the Garmin Dashboard Cameras and comes from the business’s VIRB activity electronic cameras. Sharing those clips has actually also obtained a lot easier with the Garmin VIRB application. When connected to the video camera’s Wi-Fi, you get an easy interface that permits you to watch, trim, and also share web content directly to social media. That weekend journey along the coast can currently be easily tape-recorded with Travelapse and shared to every one of your followers.